The monumental effort of 15 years of architectural analysis at the faculty of Architecture at TU Eindhoven has resulted in a stunning collection of 144 models, all white, all scale 1:33. From May 1 until June 3, the models are exhibited in a fictional city encompassing the entire breadth of architecture history. Finissage: June 2, […]

Installation: The Radical Architecture of Metabolism

Metabolism was one among many post-war movements that were influenced by the ‘atmosphere’ of the sixties: great economic and technology expansion, besides cultural and social transformations. Historians and critics agreed that the sixties ended around 1973 when a series of political, economic and social events like the fragmentation of social movements, the weakening of left-wing […]

The principles of Metabolist architecture – between imitation and analogy

The architectural qualities of some iconic buildings have been extensively analyzed as Kisho Kurokawa’s Expo ’70 pavilion and Nakagin Capsule Tower, Kenzo Tange’s Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Tower and Yamanashi Broadcasting and Press Centre. The main purpose of the analysis was the exploration of the implicit and explicit relations between significant Metabolist theoretical principles and […]

Critical explorations of Metabolist avant-garde architecture

Seen from a contemporary perspective, the Japanese Metabolist movement’s foremost, concern was cultural resilience as a notion of national identity. Metabolism responded to the human and environmental catastrophe that followed the atomic bombing of Japan and vulnerability to natural disasters such as earthquakes, with architecture envisioning the complete transformation of Japan as a system of […]