The monumental effort of 15 years of architectural analysis at the faculty of Architecture at TU Eindhoven has resulted in a stunning collection of 144 models, all white, all scale 1:33. From May 1 until June 3, the models are exhibited in a fictional city encompassing the entire breadth of architecture history. Finissage: June 2, […]

Critical explorations of institutions for architectural culture

10 Architectural institutions were analysed on their architectural principles. They vary from smaller architectural museums (Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture) to large institutions like the Canadian Center for Architecture. But also houses by famous architects that are currently museums (House la Roche, Jeanneret) or prestigious museums that also considers architecture (MOMA). Scale models The all-white […]

Symposium: OASE 99 at Van Abbemuseum

The presentation of OASE #99 took place on 1 March 2018 in Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The topic of discussion “What future for the Architecture Museum?” was discussed by the participants of the panel: Triin Ojari, Sofie de Caigny, Mirko Zardini, Omer Kanipak and Bernard Colenbrander. About OASE 99 Although often overlooked, the […]

Publication: OASE 99 – The Architecture Museum Effect

Recent developments show a shift in the themes that architecture museums programme: apparently, social and activist subjects are supplanting classical architectural themes. It is a development expressed by recent exhibitions of both renowned institutes and younger ones. By the looks of it, thematic choices are furthermore increasingly influenced by the social and political contexts of […]

Broeinest EHV: Architecture institutions around the world

The yearly exhibition of Architectural Analysis is visitable in Broeinest Eindhoven for the entire summer. This year the analysis considers the Institutionalisation of Architectural culture. More information about Broeinest can be found here.

Installation: Architecture institutions around the world

Since the institutionalisation of architecture is quite a young phenomenon, it may be interesting to investigate how architecture is being institutionalised throughout the world. How many architects and institutions exist in a country and what purpose do they have. To answer this in a visual manner, a 2 by 3 meter world map was made […]

The Institutionalization of Architectural Culture

The first attemts to archive architectural documents (drawings, models, sketches, et cetera) were already made in the 19th century by private collectors. The archived materials primarily concerned information about monumental and representative buildings, like palaces of the aristocracy, properties of the bourgeois elites as well as important religious and public buildings. Apart from a few […]