Installation: Architecture institutions around the world

Since the institutionalisation of architecture is quite a young phenomenon, it may be interesting to investigate how architecture is being institutionalised throughout the world. How many architects and institutions exist in a country and what purpose do they have. To answer this in a visual manner, a 2 by 3 meter world map was made that shows both. The height of the countries represents the number of architects over the entire population and the lights mark the architectural institutions that are present. Europe seems to be the epicentre of the architectural institutionalisation since both the ratio of architects and the institutions are highest in this continent. Most of the larger, multi-purpose institutions, that accommodate museums, libraries, archives and research centres, are situated here. Africa seems to be in an earlier stage of institutionalisation. The focus lays on the formalisation of building and architecture, so most of the institutions are concerned with the registering and uniting of architects.