Installation: the Lellebel

This object is part of the seminar Transamsterdam: exploring the relation between transgenders and space (in Amsterdam). It is a 1:1 abstract scale model of De Lellebel, a drag bar in Amsterdam. The exhibition tries to replicate the experience we had during our visit to this particular bar, while also showing the results of our […]

Installation: The Radical Architecture of Metabolism

Metabolism was one among many post-war movements that were influenced by the ‘atmosphere’ of the sixties: great economic and technology expansion, besides cultural and social transformations. Historians and critics agreed that the sixties ended around 1973 when a series of political, economic and social events like the fragmentation of social movements, the weakening of left-wing […]

Installation: The vanishing point of desire

The seminar consists of two parts. The first part contains a toolbox composed of minimalistic signs and symbols. They constitute the basic language of eight specific graphics illustrating significant phenomena as mentioned by Constant or Huizinga, namely; Role of play; Contest; Labyrinth; Derive; Nomadism; Desire, Atmosphere and Leisure. This part of our research is finally […]

Installation: Philips’ physical chronology

This physical model showcases a selection of thirteen buildings that belonged to Philips in Eindhoven. The hundred year timeline shows the inauguration, development and changes made to the individual buildings during this time of development and transition for Philips as a company and Eindhoven as an urban center. The focus of the story is on […]

Installation: Architecture institutions around the world

Since the institutionalisation of architecture is quite a young phenomenon, it may be interesting to investigate how architecture is being institutionalised throughout the world. How many architects and institutions exist in a country and what purpose do they have. To answer this in a visual manner, a 2 by 3 meter world map was made […]