Rotterdam Architecture Month 2021: Architecture in a Hyper-liquid world

The ongoing digital revolution since the 1990s onwards leading to ever more networked societies has changed power balances, wealth and knowledge distribution and increasingly encroaches the relative independence of the disciplines of architecture and urbanism and us humans. As our bodies, buildings, and cities are being retrofitted with technology to gain dynamic intelligence and contextual […]

Exhibition: The Aesthetics of Deceleration

Stimulate your senses on Thursday November 28th at 17:30 for the grand opening of our exhibition The Aesthetics of Deceleration. Some drinks and bites will be present. How long does it take you read the word in this image? And how long will it take you to find the other layers of meaning hidden in […]

Exhibition: Network vs. Place

Walking through Oud-IJsselmonde (a peripheral neighborhood of Rotterdam) we stumble upon an odd scene. Children are rollerblading down faints asphalt hills, to a background of monumental, if not sublime, concrete monoliths supporting the Van Brienenoordbrug, the busiest bridge in our country.

Excursion to Japan

In the early morning of July 11, the students of the Intermediate Size embarked upon a journey that left a scorching impression in their memory. “To Japan!”, the tutors exclaimed when discarding of their luggage at the Schiphol check-in. What followed was an adventure that opened our minds.

Camping in the Botlek

Seemingly infite industrial sites, high velocity infrastructure, the sound of water washing against the quays. The Botlek is characterized by inaccessibility, out-of-scale infrastructure and other civil works, and extreme automization of the industrial process.