The monumental effort of 15 years of architectural analysis at the faculty of Architecture at TU Eindhoven has resulted in a stunning collection of 144 models, all white, all scale 1:33. From May 1 until June 3, the models are exhibited in a fictional city encompassing the entire breadth of architecture history. Finissage: June 2, […]

Gay Pride Amsterdam 2019: TransAmsterdam

The installation “TransAmsterdam: Exploring the space of the other” was on display in the Amstelpassage between July 10 and August 3, 2019, as part of the Gay Pride Amsterdam Just like people inside a space are the ones that define the uncanny properties of that particular space, culture and society have defined the stereotypes of […]

Installation: the Lellebel

This object is part of the seminar Transamsterdam: exploring the relation between transgenders and space (in Amsterdam). It is a 1:1 abstract scale model of De Lellebel, a drag bar in Amsterdam. The exhibition tries to replicate the experience we had during our visit to this particular bar, while also showing the results of our […]