The monumental effort of 15 years of architectural analysis at the faculty of Architecture at TU Eindhoven has resulted in a stunning collection of 144 models, all white, all scale 1:33. From May 1 until June 3, the models are exhibited in a fictional city encompassing the entire breadth of architecture history. Finissage: June 2, […]

Publication: Philips in Eindhoven

To explore the architectural quantities of Philips legacy, 4 buildings were analysed. These buildings used to function as offices or factories of the company but have been recently transformed into other functions. Both their current purpose as the heritage from their original purpose is analysed to generate a broader understanding of transformational architecture.

Installation: Philips’ physical chronology

This physical model showcases a selection of thirteen buildings that belonged to Philips in Eindhoven. The hundred year timeline shows the inauguration, development and changes made to the individual buildings during this time of development and transition for Philips as a company and Eindhoven as an urban center. The focus of the story is on […]

Philips’ Transitional Urban Identity

Philips has been singularly dominant in shaping Eindhoven as it created individual buildings, infrastructure and even whole neighborhoods. Then it left. In assessing the impact of what remains of this industrial heritage as nostalgia swells in the community, what is left may be the very idea of Eindhoven. The new identity is formed from the […]