Port of Rotterdam : into the future

What are the possibilities of a future in which more sustainable domestic production of goods has diminished the needs for the vast container terminals and fuel storage facilities in Rotterdam?

The Aesthetics of Deceleration, spaces of slowness : between intermediate size and intermediate time

A society formed by the concepts of large-scale urbanization, globalization, high densities, mass production, mass consumption, and high-dynamic processes and connections can be characterized as a society based on acceleration and fastness.

The intermediate size of the port : between water and city

Rotterdam, city with the biggest port of Europe. Much has been written on the urbanism of Rotterdam in relation to this giant port, by Umberto Barbieri, Frits Palmboom, Michelle Provoost and Paul van de Laar to name a few. This research proposes a synthisizing and graphic view of Rotterdam and its port.

Between Network and Place

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The intermediate spaces of Antwerp and Rotterdam : an exploration and comparison

Antwerp seems to be very segregated, not only by the ‘Ring of Antwerp’ and other spatial factors, but also in the identities and demographical aspects of the different neighborhoods. Every neighborhood has its unique identitiy, which clearly can be recognized walking through the streets of the city.