Destruction of Architecture

What better way to start the academic year than to forcefully destroy, obliterate, twenty-five pristine analytical models? Layers of white paint and MDF, held together by the blood, sweat and tears of students that have slaved over them—for days, weeks or perhaps even months—gone in a matter of minutes. The models represent a cross-section of various generations of the course Architectural Analysis in which several seminal buildings, selected thematically, were scrutinized, voraciously analyzed, picked apart and dissected to arrive at their very essence. No Koolhaas or Zumthor, Kahn or Libeskind, is spared in this process of getting behind the aesthetics of their façades and beyond their dramatic spatial effects as they all fall prey to the obsessive thirst for objective knowledge. With this ceremonial Destruction of Architecture, the final stage of this meticulous analysis is executed, as all buildings are stripped of their rhetoric and face their uniform destiny. Destruction.

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